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SYMPHONY Fabrication

Chuck & Maryanne, proud owners of S/V SYMPHONY a Caliber 40, came to Merri-Mar looking to make their boat a little more "user friendly". Owner Maryanne uses a full-length leg brace and after discussing some of their unique needs, it was decided that Merri-Mar would make a few modifications to make life easier for all. The following pictures show the custom Fiberglass and Stainless Steel fabrication work on S/V SYMPHONY.

Since the project has been finished, Maryanne and Chuck have sailed SYMPHONY as far as the Bahamas! They are really enjoying cruising! Click here to read  their sailing blog! S/V SYMPHONY

"Merri-Mar Yacht Basin suggested some excellent modifications to make our boat much more 'user friendly'.  We can’t imagine another boat yard where someone could look at us, anticipate our needs, and then come up with plans to customize our boat, in a way that we would never have thought of on our own. 

  1. Boarding the boat from the dinghy was a daunting task for Maryanne, whose leg brace can compromise her balance on a bobbing dingy.  Merri-Mar suggested fastening the dinghy to the stern with modified Weaver brackets.  Now instead of fighting to keep the dinghy stable and close to the stern we easily click into the Weaver brackets.  The dinghy is now held firmly against the stern for the climb up the steps.
  2. Merri-Mar suggested a hand rail that functions just like a banister to steady Maryanne as she climbs the steps.  The stainless steel handrail works well for everyone.
  3. Because the steps were steep and difficult to mount Merri-Mar suggested adding an extra step on the transom.  The extra fiberglass step was shaped and colored well enough to look like original equipment.
  4. Maryanne was straining her shoulders as she pulled herself up, to step out of the cockpit.   Adding a step in the cockpit seemed like it would solve the problem and so a custom step was added to the cockpit. It looks like part of the original design.  Everyone uses the step.  It makes the climb out so much easier. 
  5. We have never found a swim ladder that was easy to board.  For Maryanne we could not even imagine a swim ladder that she could climb.  Merri-Mar custom built an aluminum ladder that is designed similar to a ladder that scuba divers use.  With double rungs attached to a center support it is easy on the feet.  The angle of entry into the water puts your weight over the ladder rather than having to reach up to pull yourself up.  Climbing back into the boat after a swim is a piece of cake.  After the swim the ladder swings up out of the water on its transom mount and serves as a pole for our ensign.  (Hey, Jay – we need to get an ensign!)

One of the things that sets Merri-Mar apart from other yards is that they are able see the needs of the boater – not just the needs of the boat, and they were able to adapt our boat to our needs to make our boating experience easier and much more enjoyable. "

                                                                     - MARYANNE & CHUCK S/V SYMPHONY

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